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Credit Line




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Monthly, after 30 Days

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The funds you need,

right when you need them.

Easy Checkout Process through Portal

Manage all of your transactions and payment methods through your borrower portal.

Simple, Affordable Monthly Terms

Same as Cash Financing for 30 days, with options to do extended monthly financing as well.

Get Decisions in Seconds

Fast application process for instant approval.

Larger, Better lines of Credit

Up to $50,000 approval for all your purchases.

*Financing details are subject to underwriting approval. CreditKey is an alternative financing option offered by Select merchants and allows the Business Customer to pay no financing fees if the Order Request is satisfied in full and in accordance with terms and conditions within 30 days. Assignment of purchasing limit occurs at CreditKey Internet Account Enrollment. Application and approval occurs at the transaction checkpoint. Financing fees are calculated based on transaction amount and do not decline until full satisfaction of the transaction. Terms and conditions subject to change at any time. For approved customers with approved transactions paid to merchants via ACH, the majority of funds are extended the next business day. For approved transactions paid to merchants via a Visa Virtual Card, the majority of funds are extended the same business day. The majority of customers receive a transaction approval decision within 24 business hours (Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4:45pm ET) and in some cases, a same-day decision. Delays could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, or additional information or verification required. The Virtual Card is a payment vehicle whereby CreditKey is the Cardholder and Customers are assigned a number for checkout, as authorized users for approved transactions to facilitate the processing of the financing proceeds directly to the merchant. Transactions must be individually underwritten and approved before each Virtual Card use.