LCD BuyBack Program

MPW's BuyBack program is always in full effect!

We have made it easier for you to send your BuyBacks without having to call or fill out forms!

  1. Make sure you pack your screens in a safe manner as to prevent them from damage during shipping. (We recommend to put your original screens back in the plastic packaging that was used for the replacement part)
  2. Request a Label below!
  3. Follow the instructions in the email that will be coming from FedEx on how to print the label.
  4. Place Label on box and ship!
Most BuyBacks are completed within 24-48 hours.

You can either choose to have the amount applied as credit to your account or cashout by PayPal/CashApp/Zelle (with a 10% transaction fee)

**Prices are subject to change due to market**

**(Prices below are for purchasing credit with MPW. Sending PayPal will inflict a 10% fee calculation to the total)**